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IDIT offers advanced expertise in hardware and software products by optimally combining the capabilities of the ground of hi-tech companies that it partners with. . IDIT is able to seamlessly integrate and interconnect digital systems and technologies and using multiple adaptation principles. This ensures interoperability addresses the specific project requirements that necessitates tailor-made solutions. IDIT delivers the required solutions to the specific project problems by intelligently leveraging the required state of the art digital technologies and by mobilizing an efficient and effective team of highly skilled scientists and technology experts.

IDIT Offers

State of the art technology driven services, products and solution

IDIT has partnered with global high tech companies. We provide technology driven state of the art services, products and solutions in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Image and Video processing, Data Collection and Processing, Unmanned Vehicle Networks, Massive Sensor Deployments, etc.

We can also provide customized solutions based on requirements. IDIT has the capability to implement multiple hi-tech projects dealing with various facets of the required objectives and involving a mix of the expertise types that each participating company offers.

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